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At 13-18 Months, Your Child will Likely…

Physical Development:

  • Stands alone, sits down.
  • Walks without help.
  • Enjoys carrying small objects in each hand.
  • Gestures or points to indicate wants.
  • Likes to push, pull and dump things.
  • Also likes to poke, twist and squeeze.
  • Pulls off hat, socks and mittens.
  • Turns pages in a book.
  • Holds crayon and scribble, but with little control.
  • Enjoys holding a spoon when eating, but experiences difficulty in getting spoon into mouth.
  • Can stack two blocks.
  • Enjoys flushing toilets and closing doors.
  • Waves goodbye and claps hands.

Social & Emotional Development:

  • Becomes upset when separated from parent.
  • Enjoys being held and read to.
  • Needs reassurance with fears.
  • Plays alone on floor with toys.
  • Recognizes himself in a mirror or in pictures.
  • Imitates others, especially by coughing, sneezing or making animal sounds.
  • Likes an audience and applause.
  • Begins to need set limits.

Intellectual Development:

  • Understand and follows simple one-step directions.
  • Says 8 to 20 words you can understand.
  • Looks at person talking to her/him.
  • Will say "hi" or "bye" if reminded.
  • Uses expressions such as "uh-oh."
  • Asks for something by pointing or using one word.
  • Identifies objects in a book.
  • Plays peek-a-boo.
  • Likes to take things apart.

Delevopmental milestones associated with feeding:

  • Drools less.
  • Drinks well from a household cup, but may drop it when finished.
  • Holds cup with both hands
  • Begins to use a spoon but turns it before reaching mouth.

First Connections with Families
First Connections with Families provides information about child development, reading to your child, and child health and safety.

The Early Learning Guidelines
This exciting new resource is being written to assist early childhood caregivers/teachers, parents and other adults with information about supporting the learning and development of young children. The Guidelines provide information related to seven domains or areas of learning and development:

  • Social & Emotional Developmentment
  • Approaches to Learning
  • Health & Physical Development
  • Language & Literacy Development
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Creative Arts

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