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Portals Medical Transition Project: Program Evaluation

Munroe-Meyer Institute
University of Nebraska Medical Center
Omaha, Nebraska

October 2005 through September 2007

Portals Grant Acknowledgements

Implementation of the medical transition project by the Munroe-Meyer Institute Transition Consultation Team:

Bradley Schaefer, M.D
Howard Needelman, M.D.
Sandy Houser, R.N.
Shirley Dean, B.A.
Tina Sedersten, P.L.M.H.P., L.I.S.W
Mark Fleisher, M.D.
Jennifer Parker, M.D.
Tina Flores, M.D.

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (contracted technical assistance)

Judith Holt, ILRU, Contracted Training and Technical Assistance Specialist
Kathy Rama, Former CMS Project Officer
Trisha Grannell, CMS Project Officer

Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services team:

Jeanne Garvin, M.D., Medical Director, Medicaid & Long Term Care
Ginger Goomis, Long Term Care Program Admin. I, Medicaid & Long Term Care
Mary Jo Iwan, Former Director of Home & Community Services
Sharon J. Johnson, Systems Change Grants Coord., Medicaid & Long Term Care
Melissa Money-Beecher, Program Specialist, Medicaid & Long Term Care
Andrea Riley, Medicaid Nurse Consultant, Medicaid & Long Term Care
Linda Shandera, Program Coord., Medicaid & Long Term Care
Kay Wenzel, Unit Manager, Medicaid & Long Term Care
Susie Wilson, Program Specialist, Medicaid & Long Term Care

Under the direction of:

Joni Thomas, Safety & Independence Supports Unit Manager, Medicaid & Long Term Care

Evaluation conducted by:

Barbara Jackson, Ph.D., Munroe-Meyer Institute, University of Nebraska Medical Center, University Center of Excellence for Developmental Disabilities

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