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Bridging the gap of misunderstanding and improving communication in relationships

Insights and observations provided by Lois McElravy,Lois Mc Elravy Lessons from Lois

Who is Lois McElravy?

Lois McElravy is a brain injury survivor, speaker, and freelance writer. Born and raised in Montana, she is no stranger to Nebraska. In 1989, Lois fell in love with a Nebraska boy (Larry McElravy) and eloped with him to Coeur d’Alene, ID. Their new family resembled a mini-Brady Bunch  both had daughters who were 5 years of age and sons who were 8 years of age.

Nine months into their new life together, a utility truck violently crashed into Lois’ car. The brain injury Lois sustained transformed a bubbly, intelligent, talented super-wife/ super-mom with a promising career into a dazed and confused homemaker who needed help to care for her family.

When Lois was 12 years post injury, her brain started to function at a higher level. Doctors contribute these improvements to Lois’ consistent effort of doing many small things, over a long period of time.

Today, Lois has healthy relationships with her four children, who are now 23 and 26, and she just celebrated her 18th wedding anniversary. She continues to experience improvements in her abilities.

Lois travels and speaks at conferences, passionately sharing her emotional journey of adjusting to a sudden life change. She inspires and motivates others to overcome the adversities in their lives and teaches them how to effectively use humor to cope with the unpredictable swift pace of life. She imparts valuable insights she has acquired, the lessons she has learned, and provides strategies and solutions to improve the lives of others who have been affected by a brain injury.

Lois was the keynote speaker for the Nebraska Statewide Brain Injury Conference held in Grand Island NE on March 30-31, 2007.

Lois returned to Nebraska in August, 2007 to present the luncheon talk and two workshops at the 2007 Conference on Home and Community Services and Resources held at the Cornhusker Hotel, Lincoln, NE.

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