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These pages are for information for the elderly and the individuals and families who have special concerns for the well-being of aging spouses, parents, dear friends, or neighbors. Each area provides information related to aging and the complex experiences related to caregiving. These Eldercare pages are brought to you by Nebraska's Area Agencies on Aging, the Lincoln Area Agency on Aging, and Lincoln Information for the Elderly (LIFE).

Email Discussion GroupsLooking to connect with others? Share information, resources and support with persons across the state via e-mail. Join our Eldercare email discussion group. You can sign up here, or visit our Discussion Groups section to view all of our available groups.

Elderly Self-Service Assessment
Please visit the Nebraska Resource and Referral System and take a few moments to take this self-assessment.
We realize you want to be as independent as possible but sometimes training or support services might be needed to help you reach that goal.  We will connect you to the services or living situations that meet your needs. Your answers to the following questions will help assess your service needs.  You may skip the sections where you do not have concerns.  Now we can begin to help you find your service resource options.

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